Love and Information

LSU Theatre

Baton Rouge, LA (2017)

My Role: Composer/Sound Designer
Louisiana State University Shaver Theatre

Director: Tara Ahmadinejad
Scenic Design: Ken Ellis
Lighting/Projections Designer: Adam Parboosingh
Costume Design: Kyla Kazuschyk
Photos Courtesy of LSU School of Theatre

This Caryl Churchill play was performed at LSU in January/February 2017. The play is a series of over 50 small scenes that do not necessarily relate to one another.

Our production was set in an airport — a people watcher's playground — where people from all sorts of backgrounds, in all types of situations, pass through.

Because we only experienced characters for short moments, and there was no through narrative, it felt necessary that there was some sort of unifying thematic material without sounding too much like a "theme song." In composing music for this piece I wanted to create something atmospheric, slightly melodic, but something that could fade into the background when necessary. Something that the audience would hear when they needed to hear it, but would provide a subtle atmosphere and ambience when necessary.