Stupid Fucking Bird

Swine Palace and Elements Theatre Collective

Baton Rouge, LA and Santa Barbara, CA

Photos from Baton Rouge production, courtesy of Swine Palace.

Swine Palace (Baton Rouge, LA) Production:

Director: Risa Brainin
Scenic Design: Ron Keller
Lighting Design: Chelsea Touchet
Costume Design: Devon Painter
Sound Design: Courtney Burton
Music Composition: Shannon Marie O’Neill

Elements Theatre Collective (Santa Barbara, CA) Production:

Director: Risa Brainin
Music by: Shannon Marie O’Neill
Sound by: Courtney Burton

Stupid F**cking Bird is a modern version/satire of The Seagull. In the play, Mash (playwright Aaron Posner’s version of Masha) often addresses the audience through song. Posner wrote lyrics, but music for those lyrics is not included. This allowed for us to create music for our Mash and to tailor the sound to our play. We then used the melodies to aid with scenic transitions. The music here is two versions of one of Mash’s melodies (titled “Life … Is Disappointing”), used for different scenic transitions.